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Mathonsi Business Association is a 100% black owned enterprise which caters for a broad spectrum of client needs. Our primary objective is to consolidate much needed services by the public, the private sector and state organization with the aim of creating a one-stop market for day to day solutions.

After having been a Work Force Manager for three years, the owner and founder of the company came to appreciate management sciences and the value it adds to our lives. He also came to realize that a growing economy like ours has a huge demand for skills and management services. It is for this reason that he has assembled a profound team of managers and consultants in the fields of concierge services, electrical engineering, construction, maintenance, general supply, government services and project management.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive solutions to our target market through thorough research, strategic planning and implementation. Our senior consultants are equipped with the skills and they need to formulate strategies to meet any project requirements.

Our Values

The most successful businesses have discovered a formula that goes beyond product and service. We at Mathonsi Business Association are providing delight to our customers by understanding their specific personal interests, anticipating their needs, exceeding their expectations, and making every moment and aspect of the relationship a pleasant -- or better yet, an exhilarating -- experience.  

When a company demonstrates enthusiasm for doing business and a passion for assisting, customers tend to reciprocate the feeling. We thrive in challenges. Our customer centricity is our source of inspiration. Customers are satisfied with the services they receive from Mathonsi Business Association, that is a good place to start, but it's just the beginning of the path at the foot of the mountain. These days, it takes a lot more than satisfaction to stand out from the pack and keep customers eagerly coming back for more. 

Mathonsi Business Association understands the relationship between enjoyment and achievement. Talking to us, you can see that we enjoy what we do. Our attributes to our success is to an incessant focus on the value of our customer service. "Customers are our best friends. They are always right. We are there to exceed their expectations. It’s really fun to Exceed."